How to Remove the Speed Limiter on an Electric Scooter?

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Electric scooters have become a popular form of urban transportation. They provide a fun and affordable way to zip around cities while avoiding traffic jams. Most electric scooters come equipped with speed limiters from the factory, restricting their top speed to around 15-20 mph for safety and legal compliance. However, some riders wish to remove the speed limiter to achieve faster speeds. This article will discuss how to safely remove speed limiters on electric scooters.

Before modifying your scooter, it’s important to understand the legal implications. In most areas, electric scooters are considered vehicles and are subject to certain regulations regarding maximum speed limits on public roads and paths. Removing the speed limiter may violate local laws. Always check your local ordinances before making modifications. Riding an illegal vehicle puts you at risk for fines or impoundment. Ride safely and responsibly.

The Safest Way to Increase Speed If you want more speed out of your electric scooter, the best option is to buy a higher powered model designed to handle faster speeds safely like those found here best fast electric scooters. Modifying a lower-tier scooter by removing the speed limiter can compromise stability and braking ability. Upgrading to a scooter made for high speeds ensures it has adequate power, suspension, brakes and tires to handle the increase. This is the recommended approach.

Should I Remove the Speed Limiter?

Before removing your speed limiter, carefully consider if it’s necessary. Speed limiters exist for safety and legal reasons. Circumventing them takes you into risky territory regarding stability, control and regulatory compliance. Additionally, modifying the scooter most likely voids the warranty. If you still wish to derestrict the scooter, understand all the risks involved, including potential for serious injury or legal penalties, and proceed with caution.

The Speed Limiter Explained Here’s a quick overview explaining how speed limiters work on electric scooters:


At the heart of the system is the scooter’s controller. This computer chip controls speed by regulating power from the battery to the motor. It’s programmed to cut power once the scooter reaches its maximum allowed speed.


The controller runs firmware, embedded software containing speed limiting parameters. By stock design, the firmware tells the controller to limit top velocity.

Removing the limiter requires overriding the firmware speed caps by reprogramming or replacing the controller completely.

How to Remove the Speed Limiter

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If you still wish to attempt removing the speed cap after weighing the risks, here is an overview of the process:

Access the Controller

First, locate the controller inside the deck or swing arm. Opening the scooter exposes the electronics for reprogramming. Controllers are often located under the floorboard or inside the front wheel column.

Connect to a Computer

Attach the controller to a laptop using a diagnostic cable or wiring harness. This grants access to manipulate the firmware. 3rd party tuning software can be used at this stage.

Modify Parameters

Using editing software, adjust the speed threshold settings or install custom firmware without limits. Save your changes to the controller’s memory.

Test Top Speed

After modifications, test acceleration and top speed cautiously, wearing safety gear. Make small adjustments at first. The derestricted speed will likely be dangerously fast.

Safety Precautions If you fully understand the risks and still wish to attempt removing speed caps, take every precaution to do it safely:

  • Research proper methods for your scooter’s specific controller
    • Use extreme care when accessing internal components
    • Wear safety gear when testing higher speeds
    • Only ride at illegal speeds on private property
    • Understand braking distance increases at higher speeds
    • Check local laws and ride responsibly
    • Removing the limiter voids the warranty

Even with safety measures, removing speed governors from electric scooters is extremely dangerous and not recommended under most circumstances. Serious injury or death can result from accidents at excessive speed. In addition to physical harm, you may suffer legal penalties depending on local laws. Exercise wise judgment when considering this mod.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is removing the speed limiter difficult?

It can be challenging depending on scooter. Accessing internal components requires dismantling bodywork. Reprogramming or replacing the controller demands advanced technical skill. Most users won’t be able to derestrict speed safely or effectively.

How much faster will my scooter go?

It’s hard to predict exact increases, but typically electric scooters can reach 30-45 mph with limiters removed, sometimes faster. Speed depends on motor strength and battery output. Light modifications may only add 5-10 mph. Drastic derestricting can double top speeds.

Do I need special tools?

You may need security bits or specialty tools to access the controller, along with soldering gear, wiring tools, and diagnostic cables. Software is required to reprogram settings. Proper tools help safely complete the modification.

What are the main risks?

Loss of stability, lack of braking power, motor or tire damage, increased injury likelihood in a crash, lack of helmet and gear to protect at higher speeds, legal issues depending on local regulations.


In Closing We’ve covered the basics of how to remove speed limiters on electric scooters along with associated risks. While the process is possible for those committed, it is extremely dangerous and likely illegal. Seek expert advice before attempting modifications to your vehicle’s safety limitations. Ride conservatively, taking care to protect both yourself and others. Stay safe out there and have fun!

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