How to View a Snapchat Story Anonymously 2 Easy Methods

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A popular social media platform such as Snapchat makes users wonder: How can I view a Snapchat story anonymously? The Snapchat app has gained popularity since its inception by adding a unique feature to social media: disappearing messages and stories. It might happen, however, that you want to see these stories without telling them about them. Does this even exist? Yes, it can be done! This article explains “how to view a Snapchat story anonymously.”

Reasons to View Snapchat Story Anonymously


There are many reasons why people want to view Snapchat stories anonymously. Some might want to protect their privacy, while others just want to explore the platform without making others seem nosy. There’s no shame in being curious, but it’s also no harm to be cautious about your digital footprint. As a result, you should keep an eye on who views your Snapchat story and make sure it is shared with the right people. You should also keep an eye on what other people are doing and protect your data.

Simple Steps on How to View a Snapchat Story Anonymously

Method 1: Using the Airplane Mode

A simple workaround to view a Snapchat story anonymously is by using Airplane Mode. Follow the steps:

  1. First, ensure the story you want to view has been loaded completely. Open Snapchat, let the stories load but do not view them.
  2. Then, turn on Airplane mode on your device. This disconnects all internet access.
  3. Now, open Snapchat and view the story you wish to see anonymously.
  4. After viewing, close the Snapchat app completely. Make sure to remove it from your active apps list.
  5. Finally, turn off Airplane mode.

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Method 2: Using a Secondary Account

Another way of seeing a Snapchat story anonymously is to use a secondary Snapchat account. Here’s how:

  1. Create a new Snapchat account using a different email and username.
  2. Send a friend request to the person whose story you’d like to view.
  3. Once they accept, you can then view their story without them knowing your real identity.

Remember, this method should not be used for stalking or infringing anyone’s privacy. Use it responsibly.

Purview Snapchat with Discretion

Now that you have understood “how to view a Snapchat story anonymously,” it’s important to use these capabilities ethically. Authentic and real connections are what Snapchat is all about, and we must ensure we uphold those values. Have fun using Snapchat, but always treat it respectfully.

With these methods in your hands, you’ll no longer wonder how to view a Snapchat story anonymously, but how to use this knowledge wisely. Just be cautious when sharing personal information online. Although Snapchat is designed to be a fun, light-hearted platform, you should always be aware of the risks associated with sharing too much information. You should always be aware of who you share your content with.


  1. Q: Is it possible to view a Snapchat story without the user knowing? A: Yes, it’s possible to view a Snapchat story without the user knowing by using methods like activating Airplane Mode or creating a secondary Snapchat account.

  2. Q: Will using Airplane Mode always keep me anonymous on Snapchat? A: As long as you ensure to completely exit the Snapchat app before turning off Airplane Mode, the other user should not be notified of your view.

  3. Q: Is creating a secondary account for Snapchat against its policies? A: No, it’s not against Snapchat’s policies to create a secondary account. However, using it for inappropriate purposes like privacy invasion would be condemned.

  4. Q: Can Snapchat detect if I’m using a secondary account? A: Only if the secondary account is reported for violating Snapchat’s terms of use or for suspicious activity, Snapchat may investigate.

  5. Q: Will Snapchat notify a user if I’ve viewed their story in Airplane Mode? A: If you’ve correctly followed the steps of viewing a story in Airplane Mode and then closing the app before turning off Airplane Mode, Snapchat won’t notify the user.

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