How to Copy Text from a YouTube Video – A Step-by-Step Guide

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Would you like to capture the text content from YouTube videos? Whether you’re a student quoting a video for your school project or a professional citing valuable information, extracting text from videos can be extremely useful. We’ll show you how to copy text from a YouTube video in this post.

How to Copy Text from a YouTube Video

Step 1: Find the Video

The first step is to locate the YouTube video from which you want to extract the text. Make sure the video contains the text you’re interested in. It could be subtitles, captions, or any on-screen text.

Step 2: Use Transcription Tools

To copy text from a YouTube video, you might need to rely on transcription tools. One effective method is to use speech-to-text software. There are various online tools available that can automatically convert spoken words in the video into written text.

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Step 3: Manual Copying

If the video doesn’t have available captions and you can’t use transcription tools, you might have to resort to manual copying. This involves pausing the video at relevant points, carefully typing out the text you see, and organizing it accordingly.

Step 4: Copy from Closed Captions

Many YouTube videos come with closed captions. You can easily copy text from these captions. Click on the “CC” button beneath the video, and the text will appear. You can then select and copy the text as needed.

Step 5: Utilize Video Description

Video descriptions often contain important information. Scroll down to the video description section and see if the text you need is there. You can copy it from here and give appropriate credit if required.

Step 6: Seek Permission

Remember, while copying text for personal use is usually fine, if you intend to use the content for commercial purposes or distribution, it’s important to seek permission from the video creator.

Copying Text Legally and Ethically

It’s essential to understand that the text content in YouTube videos is often protected by copyright, just like any other form of content. Therefore, it’s crucial to use the copied text responsibly, giving proper credit to the original creator.


Students and professionals can benefit from learning how to copy text from YouTube videos. It is important to follow the right steps to ensure that you do it correctly and ethically, whether it is for educational purposes or to reference information. Always respect copyright and ask for permission when necessary.

The knowledge you gained from copying text from a YouTube video will allow you to share knowledge responsibly and confidently gather information.

For more information on video transcription and copyright guidelines, you can refer to these resources:

Q1: Can I copy text from any YouTube video?

A1: While you can copy text from many YouTube videos, it’s important to consider copyright and fair use. Some content may be protected, and copying without permission could infringe on copyright.

Q2: How do I know if a YouTube video has closed captions?

A2: Look for the “CC” button beneath the video player. If it’s available, the video has closed captions. Clicking this button will display the text, which you can copy.

Q3: Can I use the copied text for my school project?

A3: Yes, you can use copied text for educational purposes like school projects. However, always give credit to the original creator and ensure that your usage falls under fair use guidelines.

Q4: Is there any software that can help me transcribe videos?

A4: Yes, there are various online transcription tools and speech-to-text software available. These tools can convert spoken words in the video into text, making the process easier.

Q5: Do I need to ask for permission to copy text from YouTube videos?

A5: If you’re copying text for personal use or educational purposes, you may not need explicit permission. However, if you plan to use the content commercially or distribute it, it’s best to seek permission from the video creator.

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